About Us

About Luke

Growing up my brother and I have always enjoyed creating or designing things, we have both been lucky enough to have a father who taught us to build and work hard on whatever we wanted to do. We where known for our fathers tools going missing in the woods due to some tree fort we built or bridge across a creek. I grew up loving sports, the outdoors and was also in boy scouts. I loved all the trips, merit badge classes, and even worked as a water sports instructor at camp Barnhardt in Albermarle, North Carolina as a teenager. I managed to earn my eagle scout before graduating high school.

Unlike my brother I did not go directly into construction, instead I went into management for 9 years but my heart was pulled back to construction. I left the company I was with to go into the commercial construction industry. After 4 years of commercial construction, Josh and I decided to get together and start a residential construction company knowing we would enjoy working together. One aspect I love about residential construction is the personal aspect. We have the privilege of working with customers one-on-one developing long term relationships. I love the satisfaction of bringing a customers visions to life.

About Josh

When I was a child I discovered that I had a love for designing and building things. I was very fortunate to grow up with a father who is a jack of all trades. As a teenager I began to work for a contractor who was well respected in our community. This was the beginning of my career in construction. Through out my construction career I have worked on many different projects from the first steps to the last in various arenas of construction. Eleven years later I still love it and have learned great knowledge from individuals in the industry. The list of people to thank is endless.

One of the biggest and foundational goals I believe in running a construction company is to continue to learn best business practices, construction knowledge, and skills in order to provide the best possible work for our customers.

Our service area includes Weddington, NC and the surrounding areas